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Core Strengthening: Psoas

Another supine posture that’s somewhat reminiscent of wind-relieving pose (see how I was mature there and did not say fart pose?), this version involves movements that strengthen the psoas muscle: (Video from corewalking via YouTube.) For me, this series is

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Unwisely: Part 1

Pre-reading notes: This story contains descriptions of relationship violence as well as self-injury. It may be triggering. This is a piece I wrote at age eighteen about events that happened mostly in the summer between my junior and senior years

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Thoughts on a Chakra: Manipura

Confession: As a teacher, I fear parent-teacher conferences more now than I did as a student. To be fair, I’ve spoken with a lot of parents who feel similarly. Because when a teacher or parent requests a conference, something has

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Guest Author — Exercise: What’s the Point?

Katie (also known as Spiffy) is a college student studying Women’s and Gender Studies and Religion. When she’s not drowning in homework, she spends far too much time online and sews a lot of silly craft projects. You can find

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This post discusses fat shaming, dieting, and disordered eating patterns. Recently at The Curvy Nerd, Alexa expressed her frustration with other Internet commenters who evangelize (and cast judgment) via the “sheer willpower” diet: And, for the record, the SHEER WILLPOWER

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Sole of Vibram FiveFinger Sprint

When it comes to running, I am slow, always have been. Stamina and pacing I have in abundance. Raw speed, not so much. Part of this, I’m discovering, has to do with my muscles. No matter how much I stretch

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This isn’t the title I remember.

This post discusses domestic violence. October is Domestic Violence Awareness Month. I should write. I’m scared to write. (Of memories, not for anything happening in my life now.) I thought of copying a story I wrote years ago. It’s good;

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Beauty Labor: Counting the Minutes

When I first read Autumn’s post discussing minutes of beauty labor and various groups of people, it piqued my interest. While I do think it’s informative from a social perspective, this particular post is about my personal curiosity: How many

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The Price of Pretty

“You look so pretty!” It’s the first day of my second year as a teacher at this school, and my principal is gushing at me. I wonder what I looked like on the first day the year before that the

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Invisible Illness Backtracking

And cross posting, as this originally appeared on my Tumblr. 22. My illness has taught me: That there have been basically no new advances in endometriosis management in the last 10 years. That we still have a long way to

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Low Creativity

It’s that time of the school year again… tunnel time. Far enough in that the honeymoon of the beginning is over, but not so far that I can see my way out. Don’t get me wrong: This is a standard

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Banned Books Week, Masturbation, and Deenie

As you can probably surmise by the title, this post discusses masturbation. Deenie didn’t make me masturbate. That is important to know, right up front, even before knowing what this post is about. For folks who didn’t know, the American

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And 24

Drawing of a uterus with a smiley face inside.

I thought it wouldn’t be fair to post my endo pet peeves here without also posting my list of appreciation. 24. But I love it when people: Offer to drive. Understand when I need to cancel plans. Offer lower stress

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Thoughts on a Word: Power

Last period, last question. Unexpectedly, the bell rings early. (WTF, PA system? The one time we hear the bell is the time it’s not supposed to ring.) Twenty-six students get up to leave. I say, “We’re not finished yet.” Twenty-six

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But it has nothing to do with aesthetics, so we all but miss it in every single workout. – Bryan Kest (via my memory), talking about the psoas muscle during navasana in one of his Power Yoga DVD practices I

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Fixing It

Drawing of a uterus, including an angry face and text "FU!" on the inside of it.

Pain is your body’s way of telling you something is wrong. I’ve heard this hundreds of times over the years, and yep, I think it’s basically true. Certainly, the “something” may be far more physically complicated than the specific location

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School Pictures

From late last week. Yes, I sat for my school picture today barefaced. Because let’s be honest when was the last time you saw me in make-up? Second, even by second period my whirlwind of teaching has made my hair

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No Blame

“I blame my parents.” I’ve been talking with a few people in real life about body image and struggles with weight. The above sentiment seems to be a common thread. While the specific connection varies, at least a few people

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Core Strength: Chaturanga

See? I have not forgotten about core stuff, I promise. I think it’s partly, now that I’m reaccustomed to writing (things other than hall passes) on a regular basis, it’s easier for me to branch off onto additional topics. Which

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I don’t want to change my body.


I’ve been doing some reading — namely, pieces like Beauty Schooled’s Why Loving Your Body Won’t Kill You (and related links), The Curvy Nerd’s A Letter to My Future Self, Sasha Paley’s novel Huge (review pending completion), and Shoshie’s Having

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