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The Power of Choice

This is what I write for my students the first day of school (minus one potentially profane word I would really like to be there). I don’t pretend it is all the answers or any kind of magic bullet, only

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Obesity Isn’t

I’ve received a fair number of troll comments in response to this post. (I’m explicitly not referring to any comments that were published there but rather the ones I deemed unfit for publication on my blog.) Not only were these

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Thoughts on a Word: Focus

I hear it at the beginning of my practice: “Set an intention or focus.” I hear it after a physically challenging vinyasa or standing series: “Come back and focus on your breathing.” I hear it in standing balances: “Set a

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Thoughts on a Word: Strength

Side Plank Pose

Strength is the outcome of need. – H.G. Wells, The Time Machine via The Quotations Page When I think of strength poses in yoga, I picture poses where the focus is on a large muscle group contraction. I see my

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Obesity Objection


I have been reading a lot this week, but one realization in particular struck me: The fat fear mongering, I am kind of over it. A few of the specific readings in question: Plus-sized women: It’s our turn for fine

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Thoughts on a Word: Fit

Quick Note: My Thoughts on a Word series is blatantly stolen — not even just “inspired” — from Autumn Whitefield-Madrano over at The Beheld. With Autumn’s knowledge, I will be adapting this idea to words that fit me and this

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