My Non-Asana Awesomeness

So I’m doing this super fun yoga challenge where I’ve committed to focusing on a different chakra every day of the week for 4 weeks. Fridays are my day for Vishudda. It’s also the first day, counting from Monday, that I didn’t get in an asana practice. (It saddens me to miss my Friday night class, but I’m swirling in Shit To Do that I’ve let sit all week. The shit can’t sit anymore.)

I’m all kinds of good at fitting asanas into nooks and crannies of my day (yes, I am that woman doing weird moves in the grocery store line, thankyouverymuch), but this time I decided my daily yoga would be to sing along with the radio. And I kind of do that a lot anyway, but it was different to engage in singing as my practice. There’s a different intent, a sense of being very present in that moment and acknowledging that it is something real — maybe not making a huge cosmic impact, but real just the same — that I am doing for myself and for others.


I'm here. I like stuff. Some other stuff, I like less.

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