Shoes of Doom

I have a pair of really cute brown sandals that I got at the beginning of this school year. I remember wearing them for days in a row, and… I also remember them being much, much comfier. I wore them again today after a months-long hiatus, and my feet are killing me. So in class today (yoga class, not the other classes), I made sure to do this stretch. A lot.

It’s particularly good for folks who ask a lot of their feet, in the form of AcroYoga, or running, or a job that requires standing for several hours per day, or wearing not-so-supportive shoes. (This list is not exhaustive; it’s just the things I ask of my feet on a semi-regular or frequent basis.)

Fair warning: This stretch was pretty intense for me when I first started doing it. I think I could hang out for, like, 30 seconds, tops, before my feet were screaming. But it’s also one that if I practice it at all — not even necessarily going to my edge, or close to my edge — in a day, it benefits me.


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Posted in asana, chakra work

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