I Broke It.

Did one too many arm balances today. (But had fun doing them. It’s way less intimidating to fall on my face from 10 inches than from 5 feet!) Now my wrists are all flexy and compressy, so I’m declaring tomorrow a wrist care day.

This is kind of awesome, especially when it comes to wrist compression. (Because my issue is less that I’m overworking or overstretching the muscles/connective tissue and more that arm balances compress the bones up in there.) It’s also something that’s pretty easy to do in any number of locations off my mat:

Additionally, I think I’m going to try to limit my asana practice tomorrow to poses that don’t put (much) pressure on my wrists.


I'm here. I like stuff. Some other stuff, I like less.

Posted in asana, restorative

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