Matters of Intent

I have been doing a lot of physical thinking lately, about anatomy and asanas and my body in poses. My brain was ready for a partial break, so when I went to my mat this morning, I opted to use a DVD to guide my practice. I would still pay attention to my reactions in the movement, but it would be restful and relieving not to fashion the sequence myself.

That was the intent.

As I started my practice, however, I started slipping into a familiar tread. I’ve practiced with this DVD a lot over the several years that I’ve owned it, and I know that I can do all of the “harder” variations of the poses, and in fact, most of them are in my practice regularly. First, I found myself automatically moving toward those “advanced” expressions. Then I got frustrated when those postures, even though I could do them physically, felt wrong today. This practice was neither restful nor relieving.

My actions didn’t match my intent.

I suppose I could have continued with the discord, but that seemed like an exercise in futility at best and potentially injurious at worst. Since summer is the only time I get in as much yoga as I’d really like, postponing an asana practice due to injury did not sound like my idea of a good time.

So I had to rectify. I had to determine where my attachment was greater: to these specific activities or to my restorative intent. And in choosing to honor my intent, I realized that I had to change my actions.

In yoga, this usually means getting on my knees and knowing how far is too far. In life, well, it’s not so different.

DVD Cover of Total Yoga: Fire


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One comment on “Matters of Intent
  1. I find that practicing on my own brings up a lot more struggle with my ego and intentions than when I am in a class and just listen to the instructor’s words. Interesting insights here! I hope you took a nice, long savasana!

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