Chair Yoga: Spread ‘Em!

Your toes, that is.

I’m writing this on the verge of leaving for a week-long professional conference — where, I imagine, I am going to be expected to don women’s dress shoes at least part of the time. Yes, they give my feet and legs a more conventionally attractive appearance, but truth be told, I hate wearing them. Even though I try to avoid heels and shoes with no structure (mass market ballet flats are not my friends), I never seem to find dress shoes that are comfortable to wear and walk in for an entire day.

Then the problem dawned on me: Most dress shoes do not let me spread my toes. At best, they tend to assume that my toes are exactly as wide as the ball of my foot. Other styles seem to think my toes are a lot narrower. While this is true in some positions, it is not true of the way I move and use my feet throughout the day. Pushing off to take a good stride, powering myself up flights of stairs or other inclines, and even finding a solid base of standing support all require me to be able to stretch my feet and spread my toes more than a lot of my shoes really allow.

So sometimes, I like to slip my feet out of my flats, even one foot at a time, and do this:

[By OSUsportsmedicine via YouTube.]

Because under the table, no one knows it’s yoga.


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3 comments on “Chair Yoga: Spread ‘Em!
  1. Because under the table, no one knows it’s yoga.

  2. Quercki says:

    I’m shocked that the video won’t play here, on your blog. “Embedding disabled by request” Really?

    • Tori says:

      I’m confused by that as well. I think it must have been disabled since I actually embedded it. I will edit the post with the link.

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