Chair Yoga: Under the Table Calf Stretching

Warning: If attempting this exercise while sitting across the table from someone, it is possible to kick that person in the shin. What you do with this knowledge is up to you. ;)

One (more) thing about my new running shoes: They work my calf muscles noticeably more than my old ones did. Since my calves are a large and strong muscle group that can handle more work, I consider this change to be a good thing.

One thing about the first week of school: At no other time do I wear high heels (I consider any dress shoe that’s not a flat to be “high heels”) for so many days consecutively. They shorten my calf muscles and never let me really stretch them with each step, like I would if I were wearing flats.

All in all, time for some under the table calf stretching — which, as shown on this video via YouTube and The People Sanctuary, does not actually require a table at all:

When I want a more intense stretch, I like to loop a strap (or belt or whatever) around the ball of my foot to add some resistance. That is, if I’m in a place where I can do so within the bounds of etiquette. It doesn’t work well at, say, fancy restaurants or staff meetings.

When I want a less intense stretch or when I have to operate in stealth mode (see location note above for examples), I don’t bring my lower leg all the way horizontal. Moving it 50% or 75% of the way still stretches the calf more than does not moving it at all.


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One comment on “Chair Yoga: Under the Table Calf Stretching
  1. […] the last chair yoga post focused on calf stretching, it made sense to me to center this post on calf strengthening. Not only is it a nice complementary […]

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