Chair Yoga: Wait, More Feet?

Yes, more feet! I have been walking a lot, even more than normal, which was no small amount to begin with. I’ve guilty-pleasure-spent on three pairs of minimalist shoes and have been traipsing all over Hellfire — you know, Arizona in the summer — in them. So I have been paying more attention to my feet than I ever have before. (I have also been typing more than I ever have before, so I predict some chair wrist yoga in the not-too-distant future.)

Also, this particular video offers up a few different foot exercises as well as a good explanation for why folks might want to use them.

All told, more feet!

(Video from ALL Yoga via YouTube.)

I am a fan of these exercises predominantly because I find them mentally stimulating. In other words, yes, my feet are working, but mostly it’s my brain working hard, trying to figure out how to make my feet move like this. For approximately 2/3 of the sequence, with either foot, I’m still developing the mental muscle awareness much more than I’m developing the physical muscles.

But still. Things to do with my body that make me think = fun!


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