Thoughts on a Word: Fetching

fetching — adj. — attractive, pleasing


Right. So.

Photo of small gray dog and small beige dog on couch.

Cookies? Don’t you want to give us cookies?

My dogs have this rope toy. Sometimes I throw it for them. If they are in the mood, they run after it and bring it back.

The best times happen when New Dog runs after the rope toy while Old Dog runs after New Dog’s butt — with 0% desire for the actual rope toy. She is in this to chase ass and yap.

But. Sometimes I want to play with the dogs when neither one of them is really feeling it. In my desire to recruit canine interaction, I throw the rope toy. In cases like this, New Dog will look at me like, “WTF am I supposed to do with that?”

Old Dog — admittedly, I’m sure, thinking about chasing New Dog’s butt — will look at me like, “Fucked that up, didn’t you?”

No rope toy chasing will actually ensue. Definitely no fetching.

Important point: I have, on the whole, two very good and accommodating dogs. If I wanted to, I probably could, in fact, command them to fetch. But I could not command them to enjoy fetching.

Similarly, I can’t bring myself to enjoy a synonym for pretty that’s essentially a command word which means “you will bring me things.” Certainly, in the course of daily events, my body sometimes brings things to others. But it does not exist in a continual state of fetching.


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3 comments on “Thoughts on a Word: Fetching
  1. Old Dog sounds very wise.

    To me, fetching means more “your looks have brought me to your side” (similar to ‘attract-ive’ and ‘magnetic’) than “hey, bring me something.” But it’s not much of a compliment either way.

    My problem with playing fetch is that I get bored long before the average dog— and I wonder if ‘fetching/alluring’ women tire of their prescribed role well before the people they’re attracting.

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