Blog Carnival: Domestic Violence Awareness Month

EDIT: The link for the hub post is here:

Stories will be added beginning late tomorrow night.

Due sufficient response to this feeler post (and an additional day of Googling yielding no news about existing blog carnivals), I’m going to go ahead and organize a blog carnival dedicated to Domestic Violence Awareness Month.

Because I think there are so many misconceptions about domestic violence — what it is, who’s affected, how easy or difficult it is to leave the situation, how “getting out” is different from “starting to heal,” etc. — it’s so important to put the truth into words and to share it.

Who Can Write: You, if you have a story to tell about domestic violence, whether it involves you as a child, partner, survivor, observer, or survivor supporter. (If you are currently in crisis, you may want to check out resources like RAINN or the National Domestic Violence Hotline in the US.)

You can tell as much or as little as you want to tell, whether you focus on a single event or talk about a relationship over time. You are more than welcome to change personally identifying information (however you define that for your situation) to keep yourself safe. Your story is yours to tell as you want to tell it though I do ask that your posts not victim-blame about others’ experiences.

If you don’t blog or don’t wish to use your blog for this, you are welcome to email your story ( for me to post, either anonymously or under a pseudonym.

What to do if you’re writing:

  1. Email me (even if you also comment to this post — it’s easier to keep track in one place) at Doing this sooner rather than later gives me a heads up about how many participants to expect, but there is no hard and fast deadline.
  2. In your email, include your name (as you wish to be credited) and your blog’s name (or let me know that you’d rather I post it on my blog).
  3. Write your post. Please make sure it is set to go live by 12:01am EDT on October 29**, 2011. (It’s fine if it goes live earlier.) Also email me the link to your post by that same time. Again, it’s fine to email me the day before; this is just when I plan to finish compiling the info to put up the hub post.
  4. Check your email and/or stay tuned here for the link to the hub post. The plan is to have it up by 3:00am EDT*** on October 29 or as soon afterward as possible.

If you’re not writing but still want to help out:

  1. Please promote this announcement/recruitment post in blogs, communities, social media outlets, and other venues where it is cool and welcome to do so.
  2. When the hub post goes live (there will probably be a link up here late the 27th or on the 28th, time zone dependent), promote that in the same manner.

Thanks so much to everyone who responded to my interest post — and to everyone who plans to participate here in some way, shape, or form!

** This is my first time organizing a blog carnival — and to be honest, I’m not sure if I’m way out of my league here — and I’d rather allot too much time than too little.

*** I’m not in the Eastern US Time Zone, so this doesn’t represent what time it will be for me when the post goes live. Just in case you were curious.

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    22 comments on “Blog Carnival: Domestic Violence Awareness Month
    1. Autumn says:

      Fantastic. I’m in.

    2. Would facebook and twitter updates help in promoting this announcement?

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    4. No idea how to be helpful, but I’ll come up with something.

    5. Shauna says:

      I’m in as well.

    6. Definitely. This is perfect for me since this is the very platform that I am going to be promoting during my year as Miss Indiana International. Thanks for the opportunity.

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    9. I will definitely participate. Thanks for starting a carnival to raise awareness about this important issue.

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