Teacher Secrets 5

Yes, I take late work. Sometimes I even “forget” to reduce credit for it.

The ideal is that you submit fabulous work on time, yes. But — when the options in reality are late versus never — I would rather teach you to turn in work late versus not at all.

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3 comments on “Teacher Secrets 5
  1. I agree. I don’t enforce deadlines very strictly. Most of my students work. More often than not, they have 2-4 part-time jobs and they are struggling as it is. I think that the inconvenience to me is really minor compared to the benefit of having them actually complete the assignment, as late as it might be.

    • Tori says:

      With the students I teach, I also tend to find that there’s a shift: As the semester progresses, more people turn in work, more people turn in good work, more people turn in good work on time.

      • What I don’t like is that students only discover I have office hours at the end of the semester and then descend on my office in droves. 🙂 It would be nice if they spaced out their visits a bit. 🙂

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