Fart Pose In Chairs

Yes, my inner twelve-year-old is back. No, she never really left.

But I happened across this video in a fairly timely fashion. It offers a modification of wind-relieving pose with a chair, which is spot on for the core series and near where we’re at in terms of chair yoga. (I was ideally looking for an asana that targeted the fronts or backs of the thighs. And I will get to both of those in time. But sometimes, the stars align to bring us extra farts.)

(Video from Expert Village via YouTube.)

The muscle action is still essentially the same as in wind-relieving pose on the floor. The foot of the extended leg is engaged, which engages the muscles up the leg, eventually helping extend the hip and stretch the psoas on that side. Whether the hands still grasp the chair or are drawing in the bent knee, that’s helping to intensify the psoas stretch on the extended leg. It’s also creating its own stretch along the glutes, the piriformis, and the back of the hamstrings.

The chair option offers a couple of benefits, depending on individual needs. For folks who have difficulty moving to the floor and back up again, a chair can be a workable alternative in terms of getting into or out of the pose. Moreover, for yogis with tight psoas muscles, the hip angle on this may be a little less extreme, and/or the varying hand positions may allow less or more traction on the bent knee.

In addition to stretching the psoas and back of legs (depending on which side we’re talking about), the wind-relieving asana can help regulate a number of gastrointestinal imbalances like constipation or excess gas.

Because let’s not lose focus on what’s important here: Fart. Pose.


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