Domestic Violence Awareness Month Blog Carnival

Why We’re Writing: There are so many misconceptions about domestic violence — what it is, who’s affected, how easy or difficult it is to leave the situation, how “getting out” is different from “starting to heal,” etc. — it’s so important to put the truth into words and to share it.

If you’d still like to submit, I will be adding entries as I can during the day (western US time) on Saturday.

Thanks to everyone who contributed writing and everyone who spread the word about this event!

[Due to the topic here, I’m going to put a trigger warning here for domestic violence, including verbal, emotional, and sexual abuse.]

Autumn Whitefield-Madrano at The Beheld — The Solace of Convention: Abuse, Beauty, and What Happened When I Left
Beth Mann at Beth Mann’s Blog– The Ghosts of Broken Glass
Caitlin Constantine at Fit and Feminist — Abuse, weakness and weight training as feminist resistance
Clarissa at Clarissa’s Blog — The Hypocrisy of Domestic Violence
Johannah at I Want to Walk in Beauty — The Elizabeth Gabrielle Butler Angel Foundation
Kei at Slinkslowdown — Domestic Violence: My Experience
Krista Benson at Beyond the Text — When I Was Small
Shauna at Unheard Melodies — Domestic Violence Awareness Month
startledoctopus at Startled Octopus — Domestic Violence
Tori at Anytime Yoga — What I’m Not Telling

If you are currently in crisis, you may want to check out resources like RAINN or the National Domestic Violence Hotline in the US.


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6 comments on “Domestic Violence Awareness Month Blog Carnival
  1. […] This post is part of Anytimeyoga’s Domestic Violence Blog Carnival. The Hub post for the carnival is here. […]

  2. Thanks for doing this, Tori!

  3. […] Visit the Domestic Violence Awareness Month Blog Carnival here. […]

  4. Johannah says:

    Thank you so much for organizing this. So much power and strength, gathered right here. I hope so many people, both women and men, see this and realize that change is in their reach.

  5. Thank you for this. Domestic violence is my personal platform going into the Miss International pageant next year. These are helpful resources.

  6. I am so happy I found this page. If only I had found it months earlier, I would have been a little more fortunate; nonetheless, as a victim of DV, I fully support speaking out against DV and taking every precaution to safeguard yourself. You never suspect it can happen to you. Better to be safe than sorry…

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