Daily Dose of Yoga in December?

I’m wondering if anyone might be interested in doing a “Daily Dose of Yoga” challenge this December. (ZOMG, it’s almost going to be December soon.) I like doing this for myself during this month (as opposed to, say, January, the traditional month of New Year’s resolutions) because with its rapidly shortening days, end of semester, holiday rush, and family togetherness, December is where I need daily yoga the most.

Woman on yoga mat in low cobra, a prone gentle backbend.

Tori in low cobra.

How I’d like to organize this:

  1. People who participate, including but not limited to me, make a commitment to do some bit of yoga every day during the month of December. It can be as simple as that, though individuals are welcome to tack on additional bits — for example, including X minutes per week or Y number of new poses — to the extent that such additions are beneficial for them. (I like to commit to some yoga every day and at least one full asana practice every week, which is usually enough for me during this particular hectic time.)
  2. I will post daily suggestions (probably two suggestions at a time, so an actual post every two days). These will likely focus on single poses, breathing techniques, or short sequences (asana or meditation) that could be relatively easily incorporated into one’s day and/or one’s yoga practice. These are suggestions and jumping-off points only, not anything mandatory.
  3. Every few days, I’ll post a check-in, where people are welcome to discuss their experiences: what they’ve been doing, successes or difficulties they’ve had, asking questions, those sorts of things.

Pretty simple. Who’s in? :D


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17 comments on “Daily Dose of Yoga in December?
  1. G says:

    This sounds like fun!

  2. FarmerStina says:

    I’m in. I’ve been meaning to do this for a long time and this might be the motivation I need.

  3. Susannah says:

    In too!

  4. Bellatrix says:

    I have been telling myself to get back on the yoga wagon and this is a great kick start! I’m in.

  5. Tapetum says:

    I’ll give it a stab.

  6. I meant to comment when you put this up, but I’m in. Going to check out your suggestions for today right now.

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