Diet Advice Circle

An amalgam, only slightly exaggerated for humor, of most of the diet advice I’ve received (solicited or un):

Them: You don’t need to restrict calories to diet. Just eat sensibly, avoid processed foods, and cook whole foods at home.

Me: I eat sensibly, eat processed foods infrequently, and do most of my cooking at home with whole foods.

Them: Hrm. Maybe you just need to avoid [carbs/fat/meat/sugar/dairy/etc.].

Me: I eat foods that help me get the nutrients I need to feel healthy. Besides, I thought you said it wasn’t about restricting foods?

Them: Oh, you don’t! But you can use [bar/shake/frozen meal product] and it’s so easy and convenient!

Me: So it is about processed foods?


Them: Have you tried exercising more?

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