Day 21 & Day 22

More daily yoga suggestions! Feel free to use whenever and/or modify.

Day 21: I’m Sick and Tired and I Hurt and I Haven’t Got Time for This Shit Practice:

Who doesn’t need a practice for days like these? Mine — which I generally try to sneak in during the afternoon of an already fairly active day (so I’m usually not super stiff) — looks like this:

1. Integration: Child’s Pose — I hold it for a couple of breaths, just long enough to check in that it’s physically safe for me to do a short practice and to commit myself to the idea that I will do it.

2. Thread the Needle — I do a short vinyasa here, entering and exiting the pose on one side before I hang out in my fullest expression of it for the day (which is actually not very deeply twisted since it comes so early in my practice). I stay in this place for 5 breaths, then repeat on the other side.

3. Half Sun Salutes, enough to loosen up to the point where my fingertips are on the ground with a flat back (which is my usual level of flexibility there but is definitely not everyone’s).

4. Sun Salute with a Low Lunge/Half Pyramid Vinyasa — I do 3 rounds of the vinyasa, hanging out in each final half pyramid and low lunge for 5 breaths.

5. Sun Salutes — I do 3-5 of them, jumping back into chaturanga and forward into ardha uttanasana whenever I can because my goal here is to bring a lot of heat into my body.

6. Sun Salute with Triangle — Sometimes I go through warrior 2 and reach forward and down into triangle. Sometimes I go through a lunge and reach out and up into the pose. Either way, I hang out for about 5 breaths on each side.

7. Camel — Twice, for maybe 8 or so breaths each time. The first time, I take a variation that lets me feel out what’s happening in my spine that day. The second time, I take a deeper variation if that feels appropriate.

8. Pigeon — I like to enter from downward dog and hang out on each side a good long while: upright for 5-ish breaths, maybe with some controlled pulses; another 5 or so to move forward into my shape; and staying there for maybe 10-12 breaths to relax into it. Longer if I want because I’m about to be done.

9. Restoration: Maybe through a quick neutralizing down dog, then back to child’s pose. I don’t usually take savasana afterward but do stay in balasana long enough to use it as a final relaxation.

With relaxation, this takes me somewhere in the neighborhood of 30 minutes. For others, I imagine that might vary some based on repetitions and pace.


Day 22: One Moment

By self-control over single moments and their succession there is wisdom born of discrimination.

The Yoga Sutras of Patanjali, 3.51

As I’m writing this, though not as you’re reading, there are 11 student days left before my semester break. That’s 77 contract hours with students (though I’ll spend more), 4620 minutes.

It’s nice that I don’t have to have a plan for how to keep myself together through all of that time. Just this moment, and maybe the next.


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