Late Christmas Present: Answers to Your Search Queries

Original idea for this type of post from Clarissa. Individual search terms courtesy of Internet at Large.

Acer Aspire 8920 Gemstone by Georgy

  • yoga sarcasm — Found my blog, did you? I’m also a fan of Recovering Yogi for the same reason.
  • the tough words will stretch out my brains — This may be true. However, exercising the brain is not a bad thing.
  • hot yoga butt — Well, yes, though I don’t tend to post too many pictures of myself. 😉
  • how might observing a classroom teacher help me become an effective teacher — In a perfect world, you observe a really excellent teacher and pick up tips and tricks you can use in your own classroom. In a less perfect world, you observe a terrible teacher and learn what not to do. In reality, the most likely scenario is that you observe a real, human teacher for a snapshot of time that is insufficient to see what background knowledge they’ve built up with their students or where they hope to take them. So you get, like, 45 minutes of factoring polynomials and wonder, “WTF?”
  • fart pose — I am so glad it is not just me who calls it this. Seriously, I started to think I was the most immature yoga blogger on the planet. (This may yet actually be true. But — fart pose vindication!)
  • police didn’t believe me and i was assaulted again — I almost don’t feel right including this in an otherwise humorous list. However, the sheer number of search terms compels me to say, “You are not alone.”
  • panties around ankles — Speaking of which, this should not be so high a search term in response to a victim blaming rape poster. Dear police: The two are related; get with the program.
  • pennsylvania liquor ad — Yeah, that one. Asshats.
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