Look Elsewhere

Having lunch with That Guy [TW for rape culture on that link] and a couple of other coworkers.

Fishnet stockings

Someone else passes by — someone who I did not see but who That Guy did. The flits of commentary follow.

“Like a ham bursting out of Saran wrap.”

“Mini skirt and fishnets. In December.”

“Forty pounds overweight.”

This is the point where I think but do not say, Are you aware that the person you’re sitting across from is not forty but closer to sixty pounds “overweight”?

Fortunately, That Guy is outnumbered by Awesome Women.

Awesome Woman 1: That is seriously not cool.

Awesome Woman 2: Maybe she didn’t pick her clothes today based on what you would like.

That Guy: And I’m not saying she should have to. I just don’t want to see that.

Me: Then look elsewhere.

Awesome Woman 1: Shut your mouth.

Awesome Woman 2: And move on with your life.

Probably we cannot convince him that women’s bodies — no, not even fat women’s bodies — are not ample fodder for public comment. But perhaps we can reinforce that it’s not okay to engage in such a dick move while we are right here.


I'm here. I like stuff. Some other stuff, I like less.

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