Links Roundup Because I Can

In a rather selfish display of free speech — hey, last I checked, PIPA was still moving forward — because I like to link to things. (And read links roundups. Because what is the Internet without links roundups and cat macros?)

There was a Women Are Watching protest at the Arizona Capitol last week, to mark the opening of the state legislative session. Because a bunch of politicians restricting what I can do with my uterus — aside from, like, cutting it out and hurling it at someone else — is icky. (From Planned Parenthood Advocates of Arizona)

Virginia at Beauty Schooled takes on The Tina Fey Photoshop Problem — that is, just because “everyone knows” an image is Photoshopped doesn’t make ubiquitous Photoshopping okay from a body-image perspective.

At The Beheld, Autumn did a series on nutricosmetics, products designed to improve our appearance because they contain foods and vitamins that are good for us (but may not be extra-special good for us in, say, a kiwi avocado bacon eye cream).

Now We’re Spying on Fat Kids? — Apparently, some schools are using activity monitors to log (and upload) information about student activity levels to “[fight] the obesity epidemic” — without getting parental consent first. (Via Ragen at Dances with Fat.)

And speaking of schools, Tucson Unified School District is denying that it’s banned books used in its now-canceled Raza Studies classes. The books in question were merely “removed from the classrooms and placed in a district storage facility.” (From the Arizona Daily Star.)

Um. I am actually partially sympathetic to how disgustingly the Arizona state legislature and Department of Education singled out, leaned on, harassed, and otherwise tormented the district and the program. But. I have seen “district storage facilit[ies].” Those books are gone.


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3 comments on “Links Roundup Because I Can
  1. Anna says:

    Thanks for the link to the PPAA blog! I liked the other links, too, especially the one on nutricosmetics, which I had only heard of literally three days ago. I liked the skeptical but empathetic take on it.

  2. Autumn says:

    Ha! “District storage facilities”! Well, then, thanks for THAT, Arizona! Yikes.

    Thank you for the link!

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