The Wall

Photo of white interior wall with two small dogs in front of it.

See that, in the picture? No, not the closet. Next to it. Yes, right there, behind the dogs (who graciously agreed to pose to provide scale). That’s my brand new yoga wall.

Okay, so. It’s the same wall that’s been there probably since the house was built. But we’ve recently reorganized the whole house, and one of the (many positive) outcomes is that this wall is now free for me to use as a yoga prop.

I’m at a place in my asana practice where I either need or really like a wall for most of my inversions. (Because there’s a difference between being able to practice headstand in the middle of the room and being able to practice headstand in the middle of the room without going, “What if I accidentally kick the shutters into the TV, and it breaks and knocks over onto the cat?”) While inversions aren’t a big part of my practice time-wise, they are a set of poses I find categorically fun. I would miss them if I never got to do them. In fact, I did miss them before I uncovered this wall.

So over the next several practices, I may be geeking out with my wall a bit — if I can convince the dogs to move out of the way.


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6 comments on “The Wall
  1. Rana says:

    I envy your yoga wall! We have so much stuff (usually crammed into a smaller apartment than it would warrant) that an unclaimed wall is a rare and splendid thing!

    • Tori says:

      Yup. It took a lot of planning and reorganizing, while prioritizing “I really want a yoga wall,” to make one open up.

      But, oh, the forearm stands I have played with! 😉

  2. DanaR says:

    Nice! Don’t know about keeping dogs out of the way though. 😀

  3. R. H. Ward says:

    I love how both dogs are posing and looking right at the camera. Nice.

    The last time I tried a headstand in the middle of the room, I kicked over backwards and both feet landed on the bookshelf, which knocked stuff everywhere, damaged the shelf, and made a huge noise that scared the crap out of my husband. Plus it kind of hurt. So I’m a big fan of walls.

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