Ridiculous Quotes

From this New York Times article on changing the rules for school lunches.

With respect to the article as a whole, I am very much for adding green veggies to school lunches in order to provide more balanced nutritional content. I am not, for reasons I hope are obvious by now, a fan of the whole “combat obesity” thing.

But my favorite quote from this article is with respect to potatoes.

“Despite the fact that congress said the U.S.D.A. could not limit potatoes in school lunches or breakfast, we still feel like the potato is being downplayed in favor of other vegetables in the new guidelines,” said Mark Szymanski, a spokesman for the council. “It seems the department still consider the potato a second-class vegetable.”


Second-class vegetable?

Way to misappropriate.



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2 comments on “Ridiculous Quotes
  1. Hell, it’s an improvement over ketchup-as-vegetable!

    • Tori says:

      Yeah, I’m actually quite a fan of the new guidelines generally.

      But in terms of the National Potato Council’s reaction, to imply that potatoes are now oppressed is… tacky, at best.

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