Chair Yoga: Seated Balance

I know, it’s been just shy of forever since I did my last chair yoga post. I have not forgotten.

In addition to being a good pose in itself, this one-legged balance serves as a fitting precursor to the next pelvic floor pose, which in turn pulls double duty as a pose I love to hate. (Damn, I have got too many asana series running around here.) Anyway:

[Video from Expert Village via YouTube.]

I appreciate the emphasis here on keeping the lifted foot flexed and leg engaged, as well as the attention to spinal length and core engagement. All of these are kickass things to keep in mind during standing balances — but it’s difficult to develop that muscle memory when I’m also focused on standing while balancing. Practicing while seated lets me pay attention to the alignment without worrying that I will fall sideways. (Also without the actual falling sideways, which is a nice bonus.)

If I’m looking to remove some of the stability from the pose — but still to keep it seated — I practice this pose on a balance/exercise ball (which conveniently doubles as my desk chair). Extra wobble and excitement, still not so far to fall.


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