To the People Against Funding Contraception

I get that you don’t want to pay for birth control. I get that in the religion you practice, you may well have a sincere belief that this is sinful.

However, there are also people who have sincere beliefs that vaccines cause negative health effects and are therefore unsafe or wrong. Does that mean they should not be required to help fund the vaccines of others?

There are people with the devout religious belief that blood transfusions are sinful. Should they refuse to help fund the blood transfusions of others, even if they work in a place where not everyone shares their religious beliefs?

I have a sincere belief that antibiotics are overprescribed and that prescribing them when unnecessary is against the interest of public health and safety. Does this mean I should only help fund — with my tax dollars, with my participation in helping my employer find the best insurance plan for us — the antibiotic uses of which my conscience approves?

Here’s the thing:

  1. There is no Bible verse that states, “Thou shalt not use the pill.”
  2. Even if there was, that is no way to determine public policy in a nation where people hold varied religious, spiritual, and moral beliefs.

And that is what we’re doing here, with this funding of contraception as preventative care: We are shaping public policy. And for that public, there is no doubt that contraceptive access — which, by the way, includes affordability — saves lives and improves quality of life.

In fact, due to its curious side effect of mitigating torrential bleeding, birth control might actually be saving my life right now. At the very least, it is saving my pants.


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2 comments on “To the People Against Funding Contraception
  1. Amy says:

    Honestly? Yeah, I think the examples you give are roughly equivalent. I don’t think they mean that the people arguing for religious freedom are wrong. I don’t see why people should have to fund other people’s vaccines or transfusions if they religiously object to the practices, either.

    • PrettyAmiable says:

      Amy, what if I think it’s ethically bankrupt to fund men’s reproductive health while rolling back women’s reproductive health? Is this only reasonable if I hide it behind a religion?

      In which case, I choose to institute my own religion – one wherein our supreme and most worshipped deity is not a flaming dickhead. Christians seem to have the market on that deity covered – I’ve gotta try something new to rack up some converts.

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