Quote of the Day

“I invented a type of yoga…”

Not going to be so mean as to link from here, but I did have an amused laugh before I closed that tab.


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2 comments on “Quote of the Day
  1. R. H. Ward says:

    That’s hilarious. My teacher J used to get drawn into these huge discussions with one of my classmates about why, if there’s Warrior 1, Warrior 2, and Warrior 3, there can’t be a Warrior 9 or 12. J’s response was always to tell this person that once he gets the current 200+ poses perfect he’s welcome to start inventing new ones.

    • Tori says:

      Ha. And of course, I always wonder where the dividing line is between a modified-but-still-not-new asana and what constitutes a genuinely new version. Does me playing with cow face or eagle arms in warrior 1 or high lunge make it totally different — or is it just me playing around? (Okay, when it comes to my personal practice, I have a very clear idea that this is just me playing.)

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