The Super Adventures of Casey & Linus: Casey Gets a Job, Part 3

Casey lined up the cans strategically. She turned to Linus. “Do you remember the plan?”

Linus looked up from licking his foot. “What’s a plan?”

“Do you remember what you’re going to do to the kitty?”

The yellow dog’s eyes lit up as he jumped to his feet, barking. “Oh, yeah! I run barking at the kitty!”

Casey held up a paw. “Wait.”

Grey dog raising one front paw.

“When?” she pressed.

“What do you mean when?” Linus shook his head. “When I see the kitty!”

Casey stared nose to nose with him, ignoring Linus as he tried to lick up her nose. “Listen very, very closely. You have to wait until the cat is close to the beans.”

Linus turned away, considering the beans. “Do you really think she can open them? I mean her claws are pointy but not very strong.” He had a second thought. “What are the odds that she’s only going to end up shredding me?”

Gray dog on a couch with a blue plaid blanket.

“I guess we’ll find out, won’t we?” Casey asked as she prepared to watch from a safe distance.


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