More Rounding Up of Links, Because I Can

Love comes in all sizes: An exploration of fat sexuality, part I by Janssen McCormick at — “When fat women are made to feel they must live in the future, that they must conform to an ideal before they can have a voice in everyday life and the bedroom, they experience a sense of disembodiment.”

“The Myth of Self-Reliance” by Cellar Door — “We make the mistake of erasing our privileges with our ordinary struggles and pain. But privilege isn’t the absence of pain, it’s the existence of a soft, foamy surface to land on when we fall.”

Short story: ILU-486 by Amanda Ching at Panda-monium — “… if she didn’t get taken care of soon, she was going to have to explain the miscarriage to the police.”

I’m Not Suffering from Obesity by Ragen at Dances with Fat — ” won’t presume to speak for everyone but I will say that while I sometimes do suffer because I’m obese, I’ve never suffered from obesity.”

Help Caitlin at Fit and Feminist raise money for Girls on the Run! — “If you aren’t familiar with Girls on the Run, the organization’s volunteers coaches groups of girls over a 12-week period, which then culminates in a 5K race that all the girls take part in.”


I'm here. I like stuff. Some other stuff, I like less.

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