Endo Fact #12

Again from endometriosis.org:

Before the introduction of laparoscopy in the 1970s, endometriosis could only be diagnosed during a laparotomy, major surgery involving a 10–15 cm incision into the abdomen.

I put this here because while it’s often noted that endo seems to have a familial link, there may well be reasons why other family members might not have been (or might not currently be) diagnosed. Currently — yes, even with laparoscopy no longer being a new thing — being diagnosed with endo can be quite a significant investment of time, money, convincing, frustration, pain, etc. For previous generations of family members, this may have been even more true.

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One comment on “Endo Fact #12
  1. Red Nelly says:

    I was just thinking about this the other day. At the moment I’m recovering from a laparoscopy to treat endometriosis and it is a million times easier than recovering from the two laparotomies I had 9 and 10 years ago for the same disease. I’m back at work after only 2 weeks off! Keyhole surgery is amazing.

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