Not In Class

We’re in class. My students are brainstorming and debating topics for their argument papers.

Student 1: Miss, is there an age limit to buy condoms? Like, do you have to be a certain age?

Me: No, there’s no age limit. You could go out and buy them right now.

Student 1: (rising out of his seat) Right now?

Me: (not realizing his intent) Right now.

Student 2: No. Not in class.

“Not in class” is my standard response when they ask to do something that they, well, shouldn’t do in class.

“Miss, do you cuss?”
“Not in class.”

“Miss, can I pee?”
“Not in class.”

And apparently now, “Miss, can I buy condoms?”
“Yes, but not in class.”

Happy condoms


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2 comments on “Not In Class
  1. I love your teaching stories.

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