Not Without Protest

Trust me, I realize how very crammed the state legislature is with people who advance frighteningly bigoted policies, particularly with respect to labor, education, and reproductive justice. I get it: I live here.

Which is why it’s important for me to say this: This is not happening without protest. Arizona residents are emailing, phoning, and writing letters to their local politicians. I’m fortunate enough to live in a district with representatives who reliably share my views on these bills, so I spend time contacting reps from other districts (committee members, sponsors of said bills, etc.). One woman from Tempe sent multiple lawmakers fuzzy, knitted uteri along with a letter asking them to oppose House Bill 2625.

(FYI, even the promised-to-be-amended version of 2625 still expands the religious exemption that is already in place for contraceptive coverage equity. As in, we already have a law that does this — but better.)

If you’d like to contact Arizona lawmakers, you can email them here.


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