Health Activist Writer’s Challenge: Theme Song

Theme song. Imagine your health focus or blog is getting its own theme song. What would the lyrics be? What type of music would it be played to?

As it just so happens, there is already a funny yoga theme song that I more or less like:

[Video by cardtraderwebcom via YouTube.]

Though I am not a fan of the line “boys will be boys” in general and not a fan of physical assists without permission.

However, if Anytime Yoga had its own theme song, it would sound lots more like this:

[Video by rockerfaerie via YouTube.]

On account of:

  1. In my head, I am totally Miss Bitters. Especially when she gets all doom-y.
  2. Monkeys.
  3. Extended bathroom jokes.
  4. Brief mention of the squirrel, even if it is not explicit that said squirrel and Gir are friends.

So, yeah. The different threads of my blog are kind of that random.

But also yoga.


I'm here. I like stuff. Some other stuff, I like less.

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