Everyday Yoga: How Does This Thing Work?

Since there was such a great response to the Everyday Yoga idea, I thought it would be good to hash out some of the details.

Lower body shot of a person's legs in a low tree pose. The right foot is against the left ankle.

How I do tree pose at the grocery store. (Though I am not at the grocery store in this pic.) Note the raised foot’s close proximity to the ground. This way, if I fall, it is not such a noticeable happening.

This is the draft version of what I’m thinking will happen. Because this is the draft version, you should feel free to offer any suggestions, improvements, or alternatives you have — especially if they will meaningfully affect your ability or desire to contribute.

  1. On pre-determined days of the month — let’s say, the 15th and the 30th, shall we? — I’ll post a call for pics of a specific yoga posture. I’ll also link to some tutorials, hopefully one text and one video, for folks who aren’t super familiar with it. (Of course, if a particular pose just sends up red flags when you think about trying it yourself, you should feel free to modify or opt out as you see fit.)
  2. Sometime over the course of the next 2 weeks, you submit a pic to me (anytimeyoga@gmail.com) of you in the pose. At the time you send it, please let me know: 1) whether I need to alter the image for your privacy (e.g., pixeling or cropping out the face); 2) how you would like to be credited (full name, first name, pseudonym, etc.).
  3. I will compile the pics and post the results on the following 16th or 31st (or 1st), respectively. That is, the one 15 days from the initial request — giving folks 14 days to submit and me 1 full day to finalize the post.
  4. When I post, I will include both copyright and commenting policy notes. That is, all pictures remain the property of the people who submitted them and may not be reposted without explicit permission from the owner of the pic. As for commenting, I’m going to suggest that this is not the forum to critique anyone else’s pose unless they specifically request help. That is, someone should feel free to comment with something like, “I’m the third picture in, and my left big toe always feels weird when I do this. Any suggestions?” to get feedback. But unless there is such a comment, this is probably not the place to go, “Um, shouldn’t that person’s knee be bent more/less/differently/etc.?” That also said, I think it would be fine to say, “I look like X photo in this pose, and I’m having Y unpleasant sensation. Suggestions?”
  5. If folks want to submit after the cutoff date — for example, if people find the project at a later date — I will still happily take them and edit them in, but it will be on a “do this as I have time” basis and not an “I will make this a high blogging priority” basis.
  6. Starting as soon as I finish this post (so, now) there is an “everyday yoga” tag on the side. This is where all such posts will be collected.

Main questions I have:

  • Is 2 weeks a good amount of time between posts? I wanted something long enough to let people submit without feeling rushed but short enough that the project felt continuous.
  • Are there ways people would prefer to submit other than email? I’m open to that; I just couldn’t think of any.
  • How does the commenting policy sound? I’m trying to create some kind of balance for people to be able to use some of the photos for springboards for asking their own questions. However, I also want to make sure that people can submit photos of their bodies without stressing about judgment, however well-intentioned, from it. I know there’s a balance here, and I know it’s probably never going to be perfect — but I’d like to make sure it’s as workable as one can reasonably expect it to be.

Additionally, if you have any specific poses that you’d like to see included, please comment and mention them here so that I have a written record to come back to.

Consider this “open commenting” on the project details. Unless Big Changes happen, I will probably post the first call for submissions on June 15. (Yes, I do want to do it sooner. But a regular pattern will help me keep with it over the long term. So. Patience.)


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12 comments on “Everyday Yoga: How Does This Thing Work?
  1. Jessie says:

    Maybe this is so obvious it doesn’t need to be said, but I might add something about no body policing allowed in the comments. And that you reserve the right to delete any abusive or hurtful comments.

    Two weeks sounds doable. I’m excited!

    Maybe an option, if people decide to opt out of certain poses, would be to send a picture of childs pose or down dog instead. Kind of like if you were to look around a class…people who weren’t choosing this pose would probably be doing one of those. It’d be a neat way to say “i’m not doing this one, and that’s ok.” (Obviously this would not be a “you must do this” type of thing, but a “if you want” type of thing.)

    I’m not sure what you were thinking for poses, but I think it would be cool to include some more advanced poses. And then those of us (me!!!!!) who aren’t able to do them at all could send pictures of themselves in prep poses. Again that sort of snapshot of a REAL yoga class. If you looked around, most people are not in Pincha Mayurasana, but maybe lots of people are in dolphin, and some are in childs pose, and maybe some are just sitting there giggling at how crazy it is that people can actually bust out such poses, wow!

    • Tori says:

      I like all of these ideas.

      In terms of comments, I generally don’t let through comments that are abusive or body-policing, but you’re right that I should probably make it more explicit for this. Since it involves other people putting their bodies on the line, so to speak, it might be more helpful to them to know that in advance. (And of course, it’s always good to be clear in commenting expectations beforehand.)

      I also like giving folks the option of taking a down dog/child’s pose/other resting pose and submitting a photo of that. (Though I expect that down dog and child’s pose will each get their own post as well.) Maybe something like, “If there’s a pose that you’d rather not try or rather not submit a pic for, please feel free to do one of the following options: 1) submit yourself in whatever modified version of the pose makes it accessible to you; 2) submit a photo of whatever resting pose you’d take if this were offered in a class; 3) opt out of submitting a photo this time around.”

      As for poses, my first idea was to start out with a lot of the asanas I either use in most practices I do or else that I see most often when I go to a public class. Not that poses requiring more strength/flexibility wouldn’t be included, but I was thinking that the first couple of installments might want to be poses that are fairly common at the beginnings of practices — that is, poses that are still fairly accessible to a lot of bodies when those bodies are at their creakiest.

  2. Sounds like a plan!

  3. Bellatrix O. says:

    Let’s do this. I would also like to post my pose on my blog, would that jive with the vision for this project?

    • Tori says:

      Are you thinking about posting your pose on your blog in addition to emailing it in or instead of emailing it in?

      If it’s the former, it’s definitely cool.

      If it’s the latter, would you be willing to give permission (just for the project) for me to insert the image directly in my post as well as to link to your blog post? Ultimately, in terms of “vision,” what I’d like to have is a photo collection all on one blog post. I’m certainly happy to simply link to your blog post instead if that’s what you prefer, but if the image could be in both places, that would be stellar.

  4. Amelia Eve says:

    Similar to Bellatrix’s comment, I don’t like mailing large attachments, but I’d happily link to the picture on an image-hosting site such as Flickr. You could download or link as you prefer.

  5. Sounds good to me! (I like the idea of it; hopefully it will motivate me to (a) do more yoga and (b) get around to actually sharing the photos I take.)

  6. bellatrixs says:


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