Everyday Yoga Call for Submissions: Centering Seat

I know this isn’t necessarily a part of everyone’s practice, nor does everyone do it while sitting. Still, taking a comfortable seat to check in with and center oneself before an asana practice is pretty common. Additionally, it’s one where I see a huge variety, both as the result of different bodies entering the same pose and as the result of people actually choosing different poses.

Sukha Asana-Easy Pose Wiki

For example, it’s not uncommon to take the form of a cross-legged or a kneeling seat, with or without props. That said, I’ve also started practices with either a reclined pose, child’s pose, or tadasana for centering. I’m going to include a video for sukhasana (easy pose) here, just because it’s a fairly common meditation seat. However, in this edition, you should feel free to contribute a photo of you in whatever pose you most commonly use to start your practice.

[Connie Chan instructing for Expert Village. Video via YouTube.]

If you’re emailing your photo, the address is anytimeyoga@gmail.com. If you’re uploading it on your own and sending me the link, you can either use the address above or leave a comment to this post.

Please submit photos by June 30, 2012. Thanks!


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One comment on “Everyday Yoga Call for Submissions: Centering Seat
  1. blogromp says:

    I most commonly start in a reclined pose, but sometimes I’ll begin in sukhasana or tadasana. I don’t have a way to get a good picture of this right now, but I usually practice easy pose crossing at my shins, not my ankles. My feet are lined up under opposite knees, and gently flexed. This adds stability to my pelvis, which also makes a good base for seated side bends, twists, forward folds, etc.

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