Signal Boost: Braless in Brasil

An awesome photo post on bra fitting the Victoria’s Secret way.

When I follow it (direct link here if you want to play along), VS tells me I wear a 42B.





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9 comments on “Signal Boost: Braless in Brasil
  1. June says:

    Thanks for passing it on!!

  2. Jessie says:

    I am apparently a 32 A. But you know, actually a 30E. Same diff, right? They’re probably sister sizes.

    • Tori says:

      I now kind of want to purchase a cheap-ish 42B somewhere to see how it actually fits. I mean, I expect that it will be several inches too large in the band and approximately 4 sizes too small in the cup, but the visual would be interesting.

  3. What I dislike about the usual two-measurement approach to fitting bras is that they don’t take into account things like torso length. For a long time I wore a lot of B cup bras because those were the only ones that didn’t ride up in back or sag in front, and wondered why so many empire-waist tops and dresses seemed determined to ride up. Then a fitting woman showed me that I needed an A cup and longer straps.

    Unfortunately, it seems, those long straps are an unusual feature and even most adjustable ones don’t adjust far enough, and none of the bra-fitting online sites I’ve visited include that measurement in their fitting recommendations (and I’ve only found one that even acknowledges that straps play a role in fit – this one:,901,30.html). So if I can’t buy it in person, I can’t trust it.

    • June says:

      I have to definitely agree with you that torso length plays a role (and it’s something that should be discussed more often!). I’m hoping to write up a post on it soon because I also have a long torso and run into some fit issues because of it.

  4. G says:

    According to the VS measuring method, I wear a 40B. (Nope! 36-38DDD-E. But thanks for trying, VS.)

    I don’t think I’ve been a B cup since I was 12…

  5. Finally tried this out… I’m wearing a 34DD bra right now. I have gained a little weight recently, so I may actually be more like a 36 D/DD. Their method puts me at a 40A. WTF? I also tried moving where I measured both the bra band and the “just above your bust” measurements up or down a bit (VS seems to think that my bra band should be up near my shoulderblades, based on how all the straps on their bras are pre-tightened), but kept coming up with 40 or 41 no matter where I put them.

    Interestingly, I was at one of their physical stores a few years ago (not a big fan, but they’re one of the few stores that carries 34DD), and (granted, after I’d said that I thought I was a 34DD) the woman working there said I was a 34D or DD, depending on what fit I prefer (NOT a fan of quadriboob). A Lane Bryant person also told me 34 (did she say D or DD?) when I first moved to that size. (Too bad, I liked their bras, but they don’t make them in 34.)

  6. thecube says:

    I think the VS system assumes that women have no pecs or lats; thus, the only possible explanation for your overbust measurement being close to your bust is that your breasts are very small.

    For me (maybe because I don’t have much in the way of pecs and lats, *sob*), the VS measurement actually comes closer to my actual size than some of the other systems I’ve seen. One common one, which involves adding 5 (!) inches to your underbust to get your band size, gives me a negative cup size. The only way I can get it to sort of work is by compressing my ribcage as much as possible while measuring the underbust. Maybe this is what you’re supposed to do, but most websites don’t mention it.

    Anyway, as someone who wears a relatively common 34c but still has trouble finding comfortable and supportive bras (maybe I’m really a 32d!), you have my sympathies.

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