Everyday Yoga: Centering Seat

Our first picture post! I am way excited to see all the variation, even in a pose where we don’t always think of as taking “modified” versions. Thank you to everyone who contributed.

Also, a couple of quick notes on images and commenting.

Policy on Images: While you’re welcome to link to this post wherever, the images inside the post remain the property of their owners. Please don’t download, direct link, or copy these images without their explicit permission. My permission is not enough because these images aren’t mine to give.

Commenting Policy:

  1. Please no body policing.
  2. Similarly, this is not the forum to critique anyone else’s pose unless a person specifically requests help.
  3. It is, however, totally okay to request help or input about an issue you’ve been having with a pose — keeping in mind that the comments here do not constitute professional advice.
  4. I moderate all comments on my blog anyway, but I reserve the right to block comments that disregard the above guidelines or are otherwise ill-intentioned or abusive.

These guidelines will hold true for all of the picture posts.

Now — on to the pictures!

Woman on a yoga mat in a cross-legged seat. Two cats walk around her.

Lisa from VA, along with her cats Jeannie and Ser Romeo.

Woman in cross-leged seat on a floor in front of a closet.

Jess, who’d like to note that she’s sitting on a prop here — a flax seed bed pillow — though it’s not visible from the picture.

Woman in a cross-legged seat on a yoga mat. She has a dog on her lap.

Not sure if it’s visible in the photo, but there is a folded blanket under my hips. And yes, Casey does do that every time I sit down.

Woman sitting on a yoga mat in a cross-legged position.

Audra at http://crazylovewords.tumblr.com/. She’d also like to note that she’s sitting on a blanket, though it’s not visible from the pic.

Says Audra of her blanket habit, “I always, always use a blanket to sit and definitely wish more people wouldn’t think it was a crime.” In fact, as it happens, about 60% of folks who submitted seated photos are sitting on something to help raise their consciousness their bums.

Woman in black pants and T-shirt standing on a yoga mat.

Laura in tadasana as a centering pose.

For Laura, “I often do centering in mountain pose at home, mostly because it feels like it’s easier to get into the next pose without feeling like I’m scrambling and rushed (if it’s a DVD).”

Woman in seated position with the soles of the feet together.

Fionnabhair and the butt of Oscar the cat.

If you’d like to participate in Everyday Yoga, you’re still welcome to submit photos of this pose, and I’ll add them as I can. Alternatively or in addition, there’s a current call for submissions for upward salute.


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7 comments on “Everyday Yoga: Centering Seat
  1. I didn’t even think to use a pillow or blanket or something in this sort of pose! I never find seated poses to be terribly comfortable, but I think it would help me if I could elevate my bum a bit.

    Also nice to see that I’m not the only one with pets who insist that cuddle time is *right now* whenever they sit down.

    I totally❤ this series already.

  2. Caitlin says:

    I’m glad to see that I’m not the only one whose cats refuse to stay away from them while they do yoga.

  3. Lisa M. says:

    I love the animals that love to bug us during yoga haha! Thanks for getting these up Tori. This is a great spread!

  4. Al F. says:

    I admire anyone who practices meditation. I don’t care if you sit on your bum, a mat, or a bale of hay. Just doing it is the thing!

  5. Al F. says:

    Ahhh, this is what I was looking for… From the Bhagavad Gita (Chapter 6, The Path of Meditation), where Krishna instructs Arjuna how to meditate: “One should sit on his or her own firm seat that is neither too high nor too low, covered with sacred Kush grass, a deerskin, and a cloth, one over the other, in a clean spot. Sitting there (in a comfortable position) and concentrating… ” (Most of us don’t have access to Kush grass or deerskin. Suffice to say, things are adaptable!).
    PS – hope I’m not getting too academic…

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