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Gail Collins on Texas’s Abstinence Sex Education Problems at The Daily Beast — “It’s an ethos that celebrates everyone’s right to be left alone, with no government telling you what to do. It’s an intense, deep-felt creed of personal freedom which for some reason does not apply at all when it comes to sex.” [Via Feministing.]

Because if it’s abstinence only, it’s not really sex education.

How to Tell a True Story by Caedra Scott-Flaherty at The Rumpus [Notes for relationship abuse, sexual assault, victim blaming] — “When I was little, I thought the word was ‘rake.’ I imagined a man standing over a woman, in a pile of leaves. He dragged a rake over her naked body. I imagined it happening in my own back yard. Now, as an adult, I’m not sure that this image is entirely incorrect.”

Yoga for Runners from The Pragmatic Yogi — A short list of common running injuries and complaints, along with complementary yoga postures for stretching and strengthening.

Restricting Plan B OTC sales to 17 and over affects everyone and protects no one by Dr. Jen Gunter — “Plan B isn’t alcohol. Plan B isn’t cigarettes. There is no contraindication to using it. Not one. It’s safer than Tylenol. It’s safer than driving a car.”

This makes me a little nostalgic for the days when my NP would give me a dose of Plan B — two pills only, then, no generic — to keep on hand “just in case” I or someone close to me needed it. I mean, I realize that in actuality, Plan B as prescription-only meant that only people with provider access could get it, so my nostalgia is misguided, but still.

Sex, choice and control: what violence has to do with family planning by zohra moosa at the f word blog [Note for gendered violence.] — “The focus on family planning to date has largely circled around technocratic solutions to what is at heart a problem of power.”


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