REI Running Shoes Infographic

I know it’s advertising, but I don’t hate REI. And this is a pretty useful and cute graphic, so:

Running Shoes Infographic: How to Choose the Best Running Shoes

Check out REI’s wide selection of running shoes

Interestingly, I have gotten way more than 500 miles with my Vibrams.


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2 comments on “REI Running Shoes Infographic
  1. Lindsay says:

    I love that graphic. Arc de Triomphe, ha ha ha.

    And apparently I have high arches. I have no idea what my ankles do, or how long a pair of running shoes lasts. Till the sole is so thin it hurts to run on it, usually. Didn’t know there was a special way you were supposed to tie your shoes if you had high arches, either. They’ll probably be flat by the time I’m old, though — my dad’s are flat, and didn’t used to be.

    • Tori says:

      It also seems that a significant chunk of the infographic is rendered moot by the fact that I wear Vibram FiveFingers. As it happens, I have high arches and underpronate, so stability shoes aren’t something I want anyway. And the FiveFingers basically mean I can run in them until I wear holes in the soles. Also, all traditional means of tying are rendered not applicable.

      Still, it was a basically informative and also cute thingy to read.

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