Summer DVD 6 — Total Yoga: The Flow Series — Water

This DVD is up for giveaway.

The Flow Series — Water is Total Yoga’s continuation of a lot of the foundations it sets in Earth. While Water is a more physically vigorous practice, it follows the same basic format as does Earth.


DVD cover for Total Yoga: The Flow Series -- Water

Specs for Total Yoga: The Flow Series — Water:

Yoga Style: Hatha.

Suited To: Folks who know some basic modifications for sun salutations and/or are able to do them unmodified. Those who are able to do a number of standing poses in succession. People without spinal contraindications for poses like camel, shoulderstand, and fish.

Props: A blanket is suggested for the shoulderstand sequence as is a wall. Though they don’t mention a strap or blanket for seated forward bends, I can see where some might want those.

Run Time: This is another one where the DVD case tells me 56 minutes but where I look up after guided savasana and a bit of quiet savasana and see 45 minutes on my DVD counter. So I’m going to say about 45 minutes from breathwork through the guided relaxation.


Ideally, I think, one would move to this DVD after practicing with the Earth one a a bit. However, I also think that for people who are reasonably familiar with common poses and modifications, it would be safe and reasonable to start with this DVD first. (For the record, when I originally saw The Flow Series, I started with this DVD. I knew less about yoga then than I do now. I did not hurt myself and/or get dead.)

Like the Earth edition of this series, Water starts off with a recommendation to view the entire practice before following along. While there are fewer variations and options offered this time around, there are still some. Additionally, if I’d done Earth first and then watched Water, I’d be able to see where I would want to modify even if the cuing didn’t say so.

But, um. I did the thing where I just jumped into the asana practice again. Living dangerously, that’s why.

Breathing — If this is not the exact same breathing segment as is on Earth it is, at the very least, extremely similar.

Sun Salutes — I think this series is a bit shorter than the Earth segment, perhaps six total sun salutes instead of eight? While it offers bent-knee options in uttanasana, it does assume that folks can enter and exit the forward bend with a straight spine. Additionally, for the sun salutes that involve chaturanga, only the knees-up variation is mentioned. For people who know how they’d like to modify, it would probably be quite easy to do so — but it requires that folks know how they would modify any given pose.

Standing Poses — A considerably longer sequence that builds on that from the Earth DVD. It includes triangle, warrior 2, extended side angle, half moon, warrior 1, warrior 3, and straddle forward fold twist. There are few if any modifications offered here. While I found the verbal instruction easy to follow, I suspect that this series could be difficult for folks whose legs are not having all (or any) of that.

Also, with this DVD, I think the floor work is distinct enough to be broken up into different segments.

Core Work — Lying boat (locust) and standard boat (navasana). Navasana offers the option of bent knees or straight legs.

Backbends — Camel and bridge. It looked to me like camel only offered the variation with toes tucked (and/or not to reach back for the feet at all). Bridge offered only the hand clasp variation.

Floor Work — Forward folds, including janu sirsasana and seated forward fold. It also includes a seated spinal twist in each direction.

Inversions — This includes dolphin, which I expect is to develop upper body strength for things like headstand as well as a shoulderstand sequence. The shoulderstand sequence is done with a blanket and starts with half shoulderstand; the verbal instruction then invites viewers to move into full shoulderstand if they wish, which I think is a splendid way of doing things. The full shoulderstand, if taken, is held for maybe five breaths; then the sequence ends with fish pose.

Savasana — Very similar to Earth. Long, partially guided, fading into just music. I’ve not stayed until the end of this one either.

Overall, this feels like a very logical progression in intensity from the Earth installment of the series. It is slightly less friendly to new beginners, but I think that’s partly because they assume that new beginners will start with Earth. Similarly, I’m not sure if it’s fair to say Water is less friendly to different body sizes and conditions. It certainly offers fewer explicit accommodations; however, if one has used the first DVD in the series (or, for purposes of the giveaway, is familiar with their own set of standard modifications), those accommodations are quite easy to slip into the poses in this series.

If you’d like to be in the drawing for this DVD giveaway, please leave a comment either here, on my Facebook page — or both for two entries — by Tuesday, July 10. I will announce a winner on Wednesday the 11th.


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8 comments on “Summer DVD 6 — Total Yoga: The Flow Series — Water
    • Tori says:

      So far, I think, you’re the only entrant anywhere. So the odds — though they may change — are currently in your favor. 😉

  1. I’d like to be in the drawing!

  2. flygal says:

    Oh my, evening out the odds… 🙂

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