Everyday Yoga Call for Submissions: Ardha Uttanasana

If at any time, you have a request for featured asanas, please feel free to drop me a comment.

Another common pose — or pair of poses — where there’s lots of natural variation is uttanasana (forward fold) and ardha uttanasana (half forward fold). I’d like to look at the half version first, mostly because that is how I think about them in my mind. That is, I know a lot of people think of lifting into ardha uttanasana from uttanasana — and I do that too — but I more often feel like it’s easier for me to fully relax in uttanasana after I’ve engaged my back muscles in the half forward fold.

So, for ardha uttanasana, there’s the version with the hands on the floor:

Stock photo of woman in half forward fold with hands on the ground.

It also lends itself to some modified versions, like the one in this video:

[Video by Ripped Body Yoga. Uploaded via YouTube.]

Additional variations I know involve either using blocks for the hands or else bending the knees to make the straight spine safer and more accessible.

Once again, if you’re emailing your photo, the address is anytimeyoga@gmail.com. If you’re uploading it on your own and sending me the link, you can either use the address above or leave a comment to this post.

For this installment, please submit photos by July 30! Thanks!


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4 comments on “Everyday Yoga Call for Submissions: Ardha Uttanasana
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