Getting Political

As some of you may know, I’ve been doing some blogging over at Planned Parenthood Advocates of Arizona (PPAA). It’s important to me not only because I support Planned Parenthood’s mission and goals but also because it’s one way for me to make a difference in my community. In short, the political climate in Arizona is scary — in no small part because, at least the way I see it, the ultra conservative legislature is more extreme even than what is unarguably a rather conservative state — and I’d like to change that.

That’s part of the reason why I participated in interviewing some of PPAA’s endorsed candidates for the state legislature, namely Lela Alston and Bruce Wheeler.

Disclaimer: I have been actively involved in politics since age nine, when my mom and I went around with a petition to recall the newly elected governor of my then state of residence. (He wanted to privatize a lot of community mental health services, which consequentially cut the services offered and more strictly limited who qualified for said services.) I was on roller skates. Not only did the petition fail — the governor served for 12 years in the state — but we got yelled at and cussed out an awful lot for a woman and child walking around with a clipboard. I am under no delusion that politics are anything but messy.

Nor do I operate under the delusion that politicians are anything other than human, biased and flawed. In fact, I happen to have my own biases, some of which are flaws. But when it’s a choice between someone whose basic values are in line with mine and someone whose values are diametrically opposed? It’s not exactly a difficult decision, you know?

PS — If you happen to live in Arizona, you may wish to check out this PPAA Guide to Voting in Arizona. It is about making sure you’re able (if eligible) to vote and to have your vote counted — regardless of how you plan to vote. It should be helpful to all prospective Arizona voters, regardless of where they fall on the political spectrum.


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