Links? I Like Links!

Things I’ve read in the past [chunk of time that it’s taken me to assemble a goodly list of them].

Savasana when you have junk in the trunk by Amber at Body Positive Yoga — On modifying savasana to accommodate a larger butt.

Dear Book Readers by Frank Lee at With Love — On consent — the lack thereof and/or the hostility to it — in romance novels.

It’s All About Colour… Unless You’re Fat by Kath at Fat Heffalump — I liked it best for its photos on the stark difference between Target’s straight-size clothing choices and its plus-size ones.

Insightful or insipid: a handy guide to platitudes by Danielle Stimpson at Recovering Yogi — “Any phrase can be typed out with quotes around it, but very few deserve to be Photoshopped over a sunset and posted on Pinterest.”

Reproductive Control by Nahida at the fatal feminist — “. It means I will rarely have motivation to see a doctor—if at all—for problems relating to my cycle. Even if there is pain. It means no one will inform me until I have passed out that I am iron deficient and that accounting for this is critical.”


I'm here. I like stuff. Some other stuff, I like less.

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One comment on “Links? I Like Links!
  1. theplayfulteacher says:

    I LOVE the quotes one. I am in yoga teacher training and the misunderstandings of physics + victim-blaming things that are said make me CRAZY. If you enjoyed that, you might enjoy the book “Bright-sided” by Barbara Ehrenreich. It has become a favorite that I wish was a required teacher training book. I like being a positive person and all, but ALSO a realist who takes accountability for the effects of actions, whether my own or others outside of me. Thanks for sharing!

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