Everyday Yoga: Uttanasana

Photo Policy: The photos in this post belong to the people who submitted them. While I have permission to share them in this series, please contact the individual owners of said pics for permission to repost.

Commenting Policy: The bodies pictured in this post belong to the people who inhabit them. Body policing is icky, and we’re not into that here. Additionally, while this is a sharing post, it’s not necessarily a pose-critiquing post. Please refrain from doing so unless folks have explicitly okayed it.

Woman in standing forward fold.

Tori in uttanasana.

Just like in the ardha uttanasana post, I should point out that this is an uttanasana from a part of my practice where I’m already warmed up.

Woman in forward fold, arms holding opposite elbows.

Lisa from Virginia in uttanasana.

And Laura with a front view:

Woman in forward fold with hands on the ground.

Laura in uttanasana.


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