Everyday Yoga Call for Submissions: Downward Facing Dog

Because, let’s face it, it just doesn’t feel like a yoga project without down dog. And because it gives me an excuse to post extraneous pictures of my real dogs.

Headshot of small gray dog.

An extraneous photo of one Actual Dog. The other Actual Dog got wise and ran away from the camera.

Also, more seriously, because it’s a pose with a lot of different things going on physically — which means, consequently, a lot of room for variation.

There’s a text tutorial at this link. For some additional explanation and troubleshooting, Amber at Body Positive Yoga has a guide for beginners and plus size yogis.

Additionally, here’s a video tutorial:

[Video by Yoga Journal via YouTube.]

And one with a few chair and wall options:

[April Kirkhart instructing for Expert Village. Video via YouTube.]

When you get the chance, email your down dog pic to me at anytimeyoga@gmail.com. We’re looking to have this installment’s pictures in by October 15, 2012.


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One comment on “Everyday Yoga Call for Submissions: Downward Facing Dog
  1. NessieMonster says:

    Thanks for the post, the photos and the links. I hadn’t quite twigged that one of the points was to open up the chest and shoulders. I knew about lengthening the spine but not that. I find it a very difficult pose because it puts way too much stretch into my hamstrings and calves, so much so that it causes my feet to cramp, so the wall and chair adaptations will be really helpful. :)

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