Everyday Yoga: Cobra

If you’re not sure what this whole Everyday Yoga thing is, you can check out the Everyday Yoga page. For now, cobras!

Well, um, us. In cobra. But you get it.

Woman on yoga mat in low cobra, a prone gentle backbend.

Tori in low cobra.

This is my cobra, like, 90% of the time I do it. It’s more beneficial to me to lift entirely with strength from my torso (back, abs, pelvis), even if it means staying lower. On the odd occasion that I take a higher cobra, this is what it looks like:

The same woman in high cobra, a prone backbend, looking at the camera.

Tori in high cobra.
I do usually look straight ahead, but for some reason, my webcam pictures of those moments are even fuzzier. So.

Laura actually submitted the same two variations of her cobra. First, a more strength-focused one with her hands off the ground:

Profile view of a second woman on yoga mat in low cobra.

Laura in low cobra.

And a higher cobra, with more of a flexibility focus:

Another image of the second woman, pressing up into a higher cobra pose.

Laura in high cobra.

And blogromp’s cobra, shared with us via Flickr:

everyday yoga - cobra

If you’re interested in participating in the next round of Everyday Yoga, there’s a current call for down dog submissions.


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