Everyday Yoga Call for Submissions: Lunges

Knees down, knees up. With blocks, without. Whatever kind of lunge you want to submit for — whether it’s the version you take most often, the version you enjoy the most, or a version that’s currently troubling you.

There are basically 4 lunge versions that I know of:

  1. Low Lunge with Knee Down, as shown in this video:

    [Cathie Ryder instructing for Expert Village. Video via YouTube.]
  2. Kneeling Crescent Lunge, which is a lot like the first version but with the hands raised above the head. That shift does move the torso in space, which can recruit different muscles and stretch in different areas and intensities.

    [Nora Forziati instructing for Expert Village. Video via YouTube.]
  3. High Lunge with Knee Raised but hands still on the ground or on block-type props.

    [Elizabeth Rose instructing for Expert Village. Video via YouTube.]
  4. Standing Crescent Lunge, with back knee raised and arms lifted.

    [Chelsey Korus instructing for Howcast. Video via YouTube.]

I’m not currently aware of any chair options for lunges, but I will keep looking.

Additionally, SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT — Due to some happy but time consuming events taking place for me at the end of this month, I don’t think I’ll be able to commit to editing in any day-before (or even two-day-before) submissions this time around. Because of that, I’m just going to go ahead and set the lunge submission deadline for Thursday, November 15, 2012.

And just to be clear, you’re welcome to submit pics for as many different lunge variations as you want — particularly if the month long wait is excruciating, and you get bored.😉

To submit pics, you can either email them to anytimeyoga@gmail.com or upload them yourself (to your Flickr or wherever) and comment here with the link.


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