Alfred Hitchcock Presents “Salvage”

Discusses violence against women. Also contains plot spoilers.

[Alfred Hitchcock Presents “Salvage,” Season 1, Episode 6, Aired 11/6/55]

So let me get this straight. A woman — who was admittedly complicit in a robbery but who did not actually commit the murder in question — now fears that someone will murder her in retribution. When she seeks help:

  1. The bartender tells her she can’t be served in the bar unescorted.
  2. A creepy dude who can’t take no for an answer — unless he’s blaming her for being “cold” — hits on her and tries to act like he knows her (and she knows him? so therefore she owes him her attention?) from somewhere.
  3. When she meets the person she’s seeking — because she doesn’t actually want to be served in the bar — he tells her she can’t even be in his bar unescorted.
  4. When she confides in her hopeful significant other — who is at least someone who claims to care about Lois — he tells her she’s overreacting.
  5. Then she discovers that this person who she came to for help — and in fairness, who was still willing to help her according to his plan — is seeing another woman and has possibly only ever been interested in both of them for their money.
  6. When the out-of-jail big brother — the one who’s going to kill her — finds her, he physically grabs, slaps, and jerks her around.
  7. His only reason for not killing her right then and there? She hasn’t begged; she hasn’t pleaded; she’s not scared enough. If she had been, you know, that would have satisfied his Sadist Dudebro Boner right there.

I don’t even need to give away the ending to get to the heart of what this episode is all about. It’s not enough just to harm a woman physically; she has to be terrified and traumatized emotionally as well.


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