Everyday Yoga: Downward Facing Dog

If you’re not sure what Everyday Yoga is, please do check out the background and image/commenting policies. And everyone — have some pics!

Me, I’m cheating a bit and recycling a down dog image I had for another post. Because efficiency is just laziness put to good use.

Woman in downward facing dog.

Tori in down dog.

Fortunately, Laura made up for my laziness by sending in two pics, one from the side:

Profile view of a woman in black athletic clothing in downward facing dog, her body forming an inverted v-shape.

Side view of Laura in down dog.

And the other from the front:

Front view of a woman in downward facing dog.

Front view of Laura in down dog.

If you’re interested in participating in Everyday Yoga — and to help get the scheduling back on track — I’d love for you to send me your lunge pics — including any and all variations of floor and chair lunges — by November 30. I’ll post a different call for submissions at that time, and we’ll all have big fun.


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6 comments on “Everyday Yoga: Downward Facing Dog
  1. aforalpha says:

    Can I ask for help thinking up a modification for this one despite not having submitted a photo?

    • Tori says:


      What sort of issues/modifications are you thinking would be in order?

      • aforalpha says:

        Awesome! Thanks so much. I ahve been wondering this for ages.

        I have a weak upper body in general, but my hands and wrists are really bad. One modifications I have been shown are to make fists, which hurts my wrists even more but spares my fingers. The other tip I’ve been given is to spread my fingers, which does help my wrists, but hurts my fingers. (With the second one, the grip of the mat which keeps me from slipping is really painful when fingers are pressing against it.)

        Is there a way to position my hands or use a prop that can reduce the pressure on my wrists without transferring it to my fingers so much? Or at least not to spread fingers. A modification that let me tape them together for stability could be okay.

        If my description of what’s happening when I do the posture with spread fingers isn’t clear, let me know and I’ll try again. That might be something that’s totally fine for people with decent hand strength.

        • Tori says:

          Disclaimer: I’ve never tried this, but I’ve seen it recommended for hand or wrist pain is to place a thinnish folded towel/blanket — or possibly even double or triple folding a mat — so that it’s under the palms of the hands but not the fingers. This looks to me like it would alleviate wrist issues but might exacerbate finger issues.

          Another option I’ve seen — and used on far-spread occasions — is to take a sort of hybrid of down dog and dolphin pose. That is, the full forearms can be on the floor, as in dolphin, but the feet are still walked farther back, as in down dog.

          There are more detailed explanations — and pics! — at Body Positive Yoga.

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