Eating on the Clock

Contains discussion of weight loss.

So I’ve been seeing variants of this story for the past day or so — that people who consume the bulk of their calories earlier in the day lose more weight than do people who consume more of their calories later.

I’m not disputing the study or that the difference between groups was statistically significant. (Now with ~25% less fatness!) I have thoughts, but I’m sure others will tackle that.

I am, however, peeved by the way it’s being reported. The linked article, for example, had a teaser line that read, “When you have lunch could make you fat.” And the article itself quotes “an important 5-pound difference.”

I know a lot of people — fat people, thin people, large people, small people, people who have tried to lose weight repeatedly, people who have seldom or never tried weight loss, people who think weight loss is important and admirable, people who are indifferent, people who are apt to regard weight loss with suspicion.

Now it may be that my sample is biased, but none of them would regard 5 pounds as the difference between “fat” and not.

I mean, if it is — Lack of PMS Bloating an Important Factor in Weight Loss! Or — Is Your Full Bladder Making You Fat?


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5 comments on “Eating on the Clock
  1. I clearly have not read the comment policy and so thought it would be a good idea to post a link to an article that includes food policing! :D

  2. C.D. says:

    Five pounds? Five pounds is how much my weight fluctuates in the course of, like, three days.

    • Tori says:

      Well, from what it looks like — you know, not having read the actual study — 5 pounds was the difference between 22 pounds of weight loss for the “early” group and 17 pounds of weight loss for the “late” group. In which case, the “early” group lost, on average, something like 25% more weight. And that of course, makes me wonder — Why didn’t they write it up as ~25% (or whatever the actual stat is; I can’t be bothered to math) more weight loss?

      I mean, I’m sure there are plenty of people for whom a 5 pound weight loss is personally important for whatever reason. But I’m having trouble wrapping my brain around the concept that any given thin person at X weight will become fat at X+5 — or that any give fat person will become thin at X-5.

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