It’s Been a While Since I’ve Done a Links Thing

Which is a shame since I’ve been reading so much good stuff lately.

Fat-Positive Film Review: Sipur Gadol (A Matter of Size) by Laura at Tutus and Tiny Hats — “It’s so, so refreshing to see a movie in which fat people are treated as three-dimensional characters rather than played for laughs.”

Not Tonight, Honey, My Patriarchy Hurts [note for rape culture] by lishra at Liberation Collective — “But headache or not, it’s clear: women aren’t allowed to just say no. A ‘no’ and only a ‘no’, not a qualified lie of a ‘no’. Females have to be up for any PIV that comes their way… even if you feel sick to your stomach and any movement makes you feel ill, and you just want to be very still in a very dark room. Nope, the peen will heal you. Just lay back and think of your health.”

Warrior 1 and your SI Joints by Nadine at Yoga with Nadine — “I think one of my biggest questions at the moment is about warrior I. Do you have any suggestions for stabilizing in that pose? It’s an asana that I’ve always found challenging, and I’d love tips if you’ve got them.”

How I lost my ego through my bowels by Sarah Li Cain at Recovering Yogi — “I started practicing yoga when I was an expat in China. I didn’t speak a lick of Chinese at the time, and none of the classes were offered in English. I signed up for a two-year membership right way. Nobody said I make the best decisions.”

Weight Loss — Forsaking All Others by Ragen at Dances With Fat — “This happens because our society’s preoccupation with thin has elevated weight loss from what it is – a side effect that almost never lasts longterm – to this era’s snake oil.”

Unfit for Work Chana Joffe-Walt at NPR Planet Money [note for disability] — “For the past six months, I’ve been reporting on the growth of federal disability programs. I’ve been trying to understand what disability means for American workers, and, more broadly, what it means for poor people in America nearly 20 years after we ended welfare as we knew it. Here’s what I found.” (Found via my friend Jen.)

Also, feel free to share (or self-promote) anything you’ve been reading or writing of late!


I'm here. I like stuff. Some other stuff, I like less.

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