Bowling for Abortion Access & Awkward Yoga Haikus

First off, I do not mean to spam you all with this. I may post once more closer to the date of the event, but no more between this and then.

As I kid, I remember my parents being financially supportive of the PBS pledge drives when they could. But I also remember growing up with a fair bit of Sesame Street swag: a Big Bird blanket, a Bert and Ernie tote bag, a whole series of Sesame Street number and letter books.

Sadly, I do not have Sesame Street swag to give away. What I do have, however, is the ability to write awkward yoga poetry. (It’s okay to be jealous.)

So for every $5 donation toward my fundraising goal or my team’s fundraising goal, I will write one awkward haiku based on the yoga asana of your choice. (Yes, if you donate $10, you get to choose two poses… and so forth, though I think I’m going to cap the haiku offer at five.)

The simplest way for folks to know which poses are spoken for would be to comment here with your choice if/when you donate. However, you’re more than welcome to email me — — to let me know privately.

Thanks again!


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